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About Traci's

Sports Lounge and Grill

Finally, a sports lounge and grill has wonderfully combined  the comfortable and warm atmosphere of a casually posh social lounge, with the upbeat energy of a sports bar where the expansive space treats fans to an unprecedented viewing experience on the many large screen hi-def TV's.  No straining to see tiny screens in the corner!

More than beer and wings, you'll find just the right mix of fun, food, drinks and sports for the new "Traci's" to become your favorite destination.  And, at , you'll always receive great service.

"We are excited about bringing this concept to Loveland," says new owner Traci. "We've created a place that appeals to a diverse crowd of sports fans and club hoppers. We offer a comfortable atmosphere with moderate menu prices."

Traci’s offers a welcoming sports environment for you and your friends to enjoy a wide spectrum of sporting events among your friends.

Traci's Sports Lounge and Grill is now open for business in Loveland, OH, with easy access and plenty of free parking. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am until 2:30am.